Online Resources for Statistics on Singapore


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SingStat (Singapore Department of Statistics)

-         wide ranging statistics on demographics and Singaporeís economy

-         downloadable full reports or excerpts from key publications such as:

o       Singapore Yearbook of Statistics

o       Monthly Digest of Statistics






Monetary Authority of Singapore

-         The online MAS Statistics Room provides wide range of data on banking rates, currencies, the insurance sector, the stock market etc.







Ministry of Trade and Industry

-         Downloadable full reports of the Economic Survey of Singapore (quarterly)


SingStat (Singapore Department of Statistics)

-         Downloadable full reports for various publications:

o       Catalogue of Economics Statistics publications

o       Catalogue of Business Statistics publications


International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore)

-         StatLink: Subscription-based online service

o       Detailed statistics on value and volume of Singaporeís trades

o       Statistics available by markets and commodities





Ministry of Manpower

-         Time series of Labour Market Statistics, including indicators of employment, labour force, unemployment and wages

-         Downloadable full reports of Manpower & Labour Market surveys







Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

-         Key Statistics on R&D in Singapore (downloadable PDF file)

-         Downloadable full reports of the annual National Survey of R&D in Singapore



Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)

-         Patent Statistics on numbers of patents filed and granted in Singapore

-         Statistics on Trade Marks and Industrial Designs registered and applied for in Singapore



InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)

-         Infocomm Statistics at a glance

-         Full reports, summaries and highlights from IDA Surveys of InfoComm such as

o       InfoComm Industry Survey

o       InfoComm Manpower Survey






Land Transport Authority

-         Annually updated facts and figures on land transportation - Singapore Land Transport: Statistics in Brief

-         Statistics on motor vehicles, including registrations and population

-         Statistics on public transportation

-         Statistics on infrastructure and traffic flow


Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore

-         Port statistics including vessel arrivals & cargo throughput

-         Statistics on the Singapore Registry of Ships (PDF file)







Singapore Tourism Board

-         Downloadable full reports of the Singapore Annual Report of Tourism Statistics

-         Monthly Factsheet on Tourism Sector Performance

-         Statistics on Visitor Arrivals and Hotel Occupancy and Lettings




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